Site Report for Whitesmile Dental Care

As part of our support to our Dentists, we recently reviewed your site.

Using a tool provided by google, we can see that it isn’t performing well and could benefit from a refresh or rebuild;


The reports above all relate to how long it takes for your site to load. On a mobile device, I was unable to load the website on our mobile. We have identified it as your primary issue as patients searching for dentists are tending to use mobile devices over desktops.

There appear to be several small factors that are affecting this including your server and possible wordpress conflicts that help make up your site.


Generally the content is quite good. The issue appears to be within the make up of the site itself.

We recommend an SSL Certificate and fixing the social links in the footer.

Our Recommendation

Your wordpress site is currently running poorly and is hosted by Hostgator.

We would like to;

Log into your hosting provider and review the current site condition.
Log into your domain provider and update the records to utilise Cloudflare protection.
Move your hosting to our platform in Australia.
Refresh and/or rebuild your site.

For a simple site migration there are no charges to move to our platform! Better yet, we will honour any existing hosting period that has already been paid for and match or beat your current hosting fees*.
We will also connect all your google products as part of the deal.

Site refresh starts at $300 and will be quoted in detail. We will be able to provide more information once we log into your existing site.
Site rebuilds start at $550 and includes 12 months hosting.

Sounds Good!

If you’d like to know more, please contact your account manager

Kate Jury

07 3040 2293 or email [email protected]